Americans Fear Alzheimer’s More Than Heart Disease, Diabetes Or Stroke, But Few Prepare

Americans fear Alzheimer’s disease more than any illness other than cancer-and for older people, concerns about Alzheimer’s outrank even cancer. More than a third of all Americans know a family member or friend who has Alzheimer’s, and nearly two-thirds of Americans believe they will have to provide care someday for someone with Alzheimer’s.

These are just some of the results from a January 2006 MetLife Foundation/Harris Interactive poll of American adults. The survey, found in “MetLife Foundation Alzheimer’s Survey: What America Thinks,” included questions about how people view Alzheimer’s disease, what they know about it and what they are doing to plan for a future that may include the deadly illness.

A progressive brain disorder that science has yet to defeat, Alzheimer’s gradually destroys a person’s memory and ability to reason, communicate and function. Currently, 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that these numbers will grow to as many as 16 million Americans by 2050. Increasing age is the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s. One in 10 individuals over 65 and nearly half of those over 85 are affected. The Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institute on Aging estimate that direct and indirect costs of current care are at least $100 billion annually.

Skin Acne Outline

Apparently, skin acne is a usual problem and many have experienced it or will experience it at some point in their lives. It can be severe or just mild one and this will depend on the skin type of the sufferer. This acne can be either common acne which is also called acne vulgaris which is a cystic type that affect the face mostly, topical acne that affects the trunk or extensive acne that affects the back, neck and the upper arms.

Skin acne causes not only psychological pain but physical one and this is why many people dread it. the teenagers are the highest in the rank of those who are susceptible to acne and many of them do not escape mild one if not the grave one .Nonetheless this is expected to subside after their teenage years especially during their early twenties. Still, there are some people who will experience it through out their lives and will therefore have permanent blemishes that alter their looks totally. The faint hearted will often result to self-harm and hate and will look for consolation in wrong places such as alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking that will eventually cost them their sanity. The strong personalities though will accept their misfortune and will carry the cross forever as though nothing serious or embarrassing is happening to their lives.

If you have severe skin acne, you will realize that so many things in your life are affected such as dressing. you want to wear the party dress that is sexy but you know your skin is not, so all you got to do is wear the wrong style for the occasion while your girlfriend who are lucky not to have acne expose their alluring fresh. The sore reason why young people like frequenting the pubs or just partying and fun, is enticing members of opposite sex. And who do you think these eye-catching guys will choose between you and your sexy and stylish girlfriends? Well there, you watch helplessly as they snatch every guy who cares to notice them and your intimacy life is doomed too.

Get Rid Of Back Acne Fast

Back acne treatment should be devised keeping the above causes in mind. Back acne appears on the skin as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, papules, pustules and in some severe cases as cystic acne. Back acne affects both men and women, usually at the onset of puberty. It may last till the age of 40 and sometimes even beyond that. In some cases, the affected person feels embarrassed, leading to his social isolation. There are a number of back acne home remedies for acne control and acne prevention. Some of them have been listed below.

1. Applying ice several times a day is helpful in clearing acne fast. Ice will reduce the inflammation and help the skin heal faster. You can also apply a good quality toner instead. Make sure your skin does not completely dry out. In such a case reduce the number of applications. Applying frozen milk is another good method of how to get rid of acne fast.

2. You can also use the white of the egg on the pimples to ensure fast healing, as egg white can quickly dry up the pimples.

Anti-aging Tips For Men

The perception of most people, when we talk about skin care, is that these products are only for women. But the truth is, women are not the only ones who need these products. All of our hormone levels lower down when we come to age, women are not the only ones who undergo this process but also men. For men, a lot have come to take into account the anti-aging products. The products have actually been widespread.

Men have a notion that if they buy products for their skin, people would right away think that they are gay. This could be an enormously disagreeable and absolute torment for a lot of people. But anti-aging is regarded as something essential unlike other aspects of skincare for men. This line has supervened upon the norms. People now had restrained from misjudging the men when they see him wanting to look younger. Before, men usually just had in mind that aging is something that should be accepted and welcomed. Actually, a lot associated their selves to a wine: the older they are, the better they become. To men, the lines and wrinkle on their skin are supposed to make them look wiser and more distinguished. Needless to say, these notions no longer exist. In reality, people have obtained new respect for men who want to take care of themselves.

Their past action greatly affects their aging process, this the first thing the men should put in their minds. This advice may possibly worth its weight in gold if you happen to be a man in his prime. The greater chance of stopping untimely aging once you discontinue your unhealthy deeds earlier.

Radon Gas Second Leading Lung Cancer Cause According to Jamey Gelina, Air Quality Control Agency R

PressRelease) – Radon causes more deaths every year than any other household hazard including fires and carbon monoxide. Every home is required to have a smoke detector, but most homes have never been tested for radon. January is National Radon Action Month. According to radon mitigation contractor Jamey Gelina, “approximately 8 million U.S. homes have elevated radon levels.”

One in 15 homes across the U.S. has elevated radon levels. With as many as 21,000 deaths each year, radon exposure is second only to smoking in causing lung cancer deaths in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The only way to know whether radon exists in elevated levels in your home, and to protect your family from radon, is to test. EPA and National Safety Council are asking homeowners and renters to test their house for radon and learn how to protect families from radon gas.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the process of traveling abroad in order to receive medical care, be it cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, breast implants, a hip replacement, or dental work.

Rising health care costs and longer waiting times in the western countries like United States, Canada, and UK etc. are inducing patients to seek treatment overseas. While U.S. consumers are concerned mainly with the exorbitant cost of health care, Canadians are more troubled by wait-times for certain treatments. Indeed, approximately 1 million Canadians claim to be experiencing difficulties in access to care. As for UK, it is believed that more than 50,000 people from the UK travel for treatment abroad because of high medical care costs in UK.

Medical Tourism in South Korea South Korea has been growing as a tourist destination of choice for health and vacation because of their world class physicians, modern technology, and unique caring and compassion at great values for money at a fraction of the cost in the west. The country is home to some of the best hospitals and stand alone Specialty clinics in the world, offering world-class expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and the warmth of hospitality. Also, some of the world’s best spa retreat resorts and tour destinations can be found in this part of the earth. Additionally, it’s not unusual to find plus accommodations, foreign language translators, and other amenities at some of the major facilities.